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Lourdes Student Member of AKC Junior Agility Team


Anna Gigstad and Cali (her red poodle) will travel to Luxembourg to represent the United States of America as a member of the AKC European Open Juniors (EOJ) Agility Team. The competition dates are in 13-16 July in 2017.  The team consists of 23 junior handlers from all over the states. This year the 2017 AKC EOJ Agility Team USA consists of 23 junior handlers - one of the largest groups ever! There are nineteen juniors and four children with eight different breeds of dogs! There are 9 Border Collies, 5 Shelties, 5 Poodles (one standard & four miniatures - one is the traveling alternate) 2 Keeshond's, a Cocker, a Nederlandse KoolKerhondje, a German Shepard Dog (GSD) and two All Americans.

Competing in agility isn’t easy. It requires skill on the handler’s part to negotiate a timed obstacle course coupled with a dog’s willingness and understanding of where to run next. The dog must negotiate jumps, tunnels, climb an A-frame, walk across a narrow board at height, weave through vertical poles, and navigate a teeter. When performed flawlessly, the combined skills of fitness, concentration, training, and teamwork. Anna has been competing since she was 7 years old. She has run a variety of dogs; a Golden Retriever, Jack Russell, Chihuahua and her newest, a red little poodle. Anna feels honored to be selected as a team member to represent the USA. She is looking forward to the competition and also meeting all her team mates! Agility has taught Anna team work, sportsmanship and patience.