Red Ribbon Week

This week, we as a Middle School will be taking part in Red Ribbon Week.

This year’s theme is…Building Team to Be Safe & Drug Free.

Red Ribbon Week is to encourage you to live a healthy life, free from drugs, but I have added a couple pieces to the week that include the aspects “Building Team” and “Being Safe.”  Along with the activities and speakers during the week, we will have “Dress-up Days,” chosen by your Middle School Student Government.  The dress-up days for Red Ribbon Week are as follows:

Monday, October 24th:  Elect to be Drug Free – Being Safe and Drug Free is the Job of Every Citizen

Dress Up:  Red, White and Blue Day

  • 8th Grade wear Blue
  • 7th Grade wear Red
  • 6th Grade wear White

Tuesday, October 25th:  Team up Against Drugs – Being Safe and Drug Free Takes Teamwork

Dress Up:  Sportwear-jersey, t-shirts/wind pants Day

Wednesday, October 26th:  Spot Me Being Drug Free – Being Safe and Drug Free is the Point

Dress Up:  Polka Dots Day

Thursday, October 27th:  Black Out Drugs – Not Being Safe and Drug Free is Out!

Dress Up:  Black Clothes Day

Friday, October 28th:  Living Drug Free is No Sweat – Being Safe and Drug Free is Easy

Dress Up:  Lounge wear / Sweat clothes Day


If not participating in the dress up days, you will need to be in regular uniform.  If questions about the dress up days, please see Mrs. Thomas.

Let’s have a great Red Ribbon Week!

Our Lady of Lourdes…Pray for Us!


STATE! (Students Taking Achievement to Excellence!)