Another School Year Begins

Students returned to Lourdes Central Catholic School on Thursday, August 23, 2012.  On their return students noticed that the building and renovation project had progressed over the summer.  Workers continue dig the footings and lay the foundations for the new auditorium.  The prefabricated panels for the gym were set in place in July and workers continue to place the steel beams that will support the gym roof.

 Inside the present building,  pipes were installed for a new fire suppression system.  Other pipes were installed for the new heating a cooling units that were placed in each of the classrooms.  High efficiency lighting was installed in the hallways and classrooms. The middle school computer lab was moved from the modular building to Mrs. Penfield’s old room.  This allowed the extra section of third grade to move into the modular building. 

 The construction is expected to be completed around the first of March 2013.


Picture: Freshmen participated in "New Student Orientation" on Wednesday