One Final Look at 2012 Graduates



Thirty one outstanding students crossed the stage and received their diplomas. This class distinguished itself in all areas, but especially academics. Sixty-seven percent of the class scored 24 and above on their ACT tests. Scholarships abounded and two class members received prestigious appointments to military academies. This class will be missed.


Jacob VasaColby McGinley

Co Valedictorians – Jake Vasa, Colby McGinley

Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz

His Excellency, Most Reverend Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz was on hand to give the commencement speech.

Lauren Heng and Eric Francois

Student Athlete Awards – Lauren Heng, Eric Francois

Colby McGinley

Colby McGinley receives his appointment to the Air Force Academy,

 Blake Bequette

Blake Bequette receives his appointment to West Point.

2012 Graduates

Front: Madeleine Holmes, Ellen Wulf, Theresa Wenzl, Blake Bequette, Brett Sasse, Jeremy Durr, Justin Hauder. Row 2: Haley Kreifels, Eric Francois, Colby McGinley, Lauren Heng, Josh Kaiser, Michael Katalenich, Alessandro Altruda. Row 3: Mark DiSomma, Reed Lechner, Matt Mickelson, David Warga, Josh Frye, Jeff Lechner. Row 4: Dane Carlson, Will Giittinger, Jake Vasa, John Austin, Steele Giles, Trevor Martinosky. Row 5: Kayla Haneline, Aaron Aldana, Colin Boyle, Nick Allen, Nick Wulf.


Twenty students scored 24 and above on their ACT tests:

 ACT Medalists

Front: John Austin, Eric Francois, Reed Lechner, Matt Mickelson, Dane Carlson, Josh Kaiser. Middle - Jeremy Durrl, Ellen Wulf, Jeff Lechner, Mark DiSomma, Nick Wulf, Justin Hauder, Steele Giles. Back – Michael Katalenich, Jake Vasa, Colin Boyle, Kayla Haneline, David Warga, Blake Bequette, Colby McGinley.

 Academic Decathlon

A strong performance at Creighton made Lourdes the record holder for the most consecutive small-school state championships. After barely missing out on the All-Class Championship for the State of Nebraska, the team went on to win second place at Nationals. The nine Lourdes team members won a total of 18 individual medals, with everyone on the team winning at least one medal, and were also each awarded a silver medal for their second place team finish. Junior James O’Neil and senior Colby McGinley placed second and third respectively and won scholarships for their total individual score among all competitors at Nationals at the Honor level. Senior Jeff Lechner was awarded a scholarship for his third place finish in the Nation at the Scholastic level. James O’Neil also won a scholarship and plaque for having the highest total score for the team. He also had a perfect score on the Super Quiz test—the only perfect score attained by any individual at Nationals!

 Individual medals were won by:

Seniors—Blake Bequette, 2 bronze; Dane Carlson, 1 bronze; Steele Giles , 1 gold & 1 bronze; Jeff Lechner, 1 silver & 1 bronze; Colby McGinley, 1 gold, 1 silver & 2 bronze; David Warga, 1 bronze.

Juniors—Aaron Goodman, 1 silver; James Hoeschen, 1 gold; James O’Neil, 3 gold, 1 silver.

 This year’s theme was The Age of Empires.