T4:12 Officers Selected



T 4:12 is the LouT4:12 Leadershiprdes Campus Ministry group. This large group of young men and women represent faith in action in our school. They perform many good works throughout the year and act as role models for the younger students. Late in September, they held elections in the library and the results are as follows:

Co Presidents: Cassidy Becklun and Taylor Heng

Vice President: Jameson Defreece

Secretary: Katie O’Neil

Christmas Family Chairs: Leah DeFreece, Taylor Bequette and Adrian Stuhr

Activity Chairs: Kylie Allgood, Taylor Bequette and Andrew O’Shea

Mass Chairs: Lizzie Tune and Hope Perdomo

Pennies Patients Chairs: Sarah Warga and Alyssa Hurd