Third Annual Father Tasler Memorial


Team AnthensThe Third Annual Father Tasler Memorial Golf Classic was held on Saturday, June 22, at the Wildwood Golf course.  The event was hosted by Father Cyza and St. Benedict's Parish in order to raise funds for the Guardian Angel Scholarship fund.  Fourteen teams participated in the 18 hole event, and the team of John Anthens, Jake Anthens, Norm Pavel, and Grant Gaden posted the low score of 59.  The team of Joe Tynon, Reid Miller, Logan Landwehr and Paul Schlorholtz finished in second two shots back.  The team of Richard Shefferd, Jessica Shefferd, Leland Bennett, and Mitch Bennett won the first flight.

The tournament also had several younger participants in elementary school. Father Cyza explained, "We try to keep the entry costs reasonable so that we can have a family friendly event. Yes, we want to raise funds, but we also want to have an event that helps build up our families and our community. It is great to see the young kids out here."

The tournament was also blessed to have several other special participants. Team Tasler Matt Tasler, the brother of Father Tasler, has participated each year of the tournaments existence.  "We are so blessed," said Father Cyza, "to have the support of the Tasler family.  Father Tasler gave so much to our school and our community. We really want to honor his memory and having his family here helps us to be able to do that."  Bruce McGregor, the host of the morning show on Spirit Catholic Radio, also participated in the event.

The Guardian Angel Scholarship Fund provides assistance to families with limited means so that they are able to meet their tuition needs at Lourdes.  Father Cyza explained the rationale for the program.  "When I was named pastor at St. Benedict's, I really wanted to promote our school among our parishioners.  What I found was that although many families wanted to take advantage of the quality Catholic education, even our affordable tuition rates were beyond the means of several familes.  Therefore, I made a promise to our families, if you want to send your children to Lourdes, I will not let the tuition be an obstacle to that.  I only have three requirements.  First, the families have to pay something.  I don't want to create an entitlement program, so everyone has to have some skin in the game.  Even if it is only $20 per month, we all have to sacrifice to make this happen.  Second, I have the expectation that the families are attending Sunday Mass. Team St. Benedicts We as Catholics believe that this is something necessary for full and active participation in the life of the Church, and this is what we try to help our students achieve at Lourdes.  Therefore, we all have to be on the same page.  Finally, I ask the families to give back to the parish or the school in some way.  This may be helping out with a soup supper or a parish dinner, we have families that are our selling snow cones and tamales after Mass each week.  The families have responded with stewardship of time."  Last year, the scholarship fund paid out more that $15,000 in scholarships.

The golf tournament is a major piece in the fund raising efforts for the Guardian Angel Fund.  Other efforts include the snow cone and tamale stand, the Steal of a Deal, the Apple Jack Pie Stand, and private donations.  Next year, Father Cyza is hoping to add a 5 and 10k road race, and an eBay store, where donations such as books will be sold online.  Another project is a magic show that would be held in the performing arts theater at Lourdes.  Father Cyza added, "We work year-round on the fund raising, and we are always looking for new revenue streams."