Drunk Driving Danger

Drunk Driving Danger                                                

By: Kayla Eggenberg  


Dangers of drinking and driving are very real. Motor vehicle crashes in general are the number one killer of all American people ages one to thirty-four. The reckless act of drunk driving has ended countless innocent lives and needs to be stopped. It unnecessarily puts everyone at risk. Our nation’s teens need to be aware of this imminent driving danger. The good news is that we can all work together to prevent it.

Many organizations have been created to be positive influences and to help young people make responsible choices. The most effective and helpful non-profit I have encountered is the Alexis Project. The parents of Alexis Calfee speak out about their beloved daughter, whom they lost when a drunk driver crashed into the motorcycle she was on last year. The lengths this family goes to in order to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening to others is inspiring. Their non-profit organization is widely recognized throughout Nebraska and they are encouraging others to spread the word and take action against drunk driving. This is the kind of motivation we need in order to make an impact. is another helpful resource that young people can use to become the safest drivers they can be. Helpful information and statistics inform and is the best way to start a safe driving movement. Teens crash four times more than any other age group. Parents can talk seriously with their children about the dangers they may encounter while on the road while driving. Learning how to deal with decisions on the road is key to defensive driving. Help protect the people close to you.

Drunk driving accidents can occur at any time. This is why we need to bring awareness to young people so that they can avoid crashes while out on the road. There are many ways that teens can be careful and avoid drunk drivers: avoid driving at late hours of the night, always wear your seat belt, encourage your friends to plan designated drivers ahead of time, and, most importantly, never drive after you have consumed alcohol or any other substances.

We need to look at what is important in our lives as a community and understand that the issue of drinking and driving is 100% avoidable! There is no need for any family to go through the devastation of losing a loved one to drunk driving. There are many ways to spread the word of responsible teen driving—becoming involved with projects such as the Alexis Project, using social media to our advantage, and educating ourselves with resources like Together we can all be safe and skilled drivers.