iPads in the Classrom


Lourdes Central Catholic has been chosen to be the pilot school for a 1:1 implementation of iPads.  Through this initiative, which is funded by a generous benefactor through the Diocesan Technology Office, each student in grades 5 through 12 would receive an iPad to use for school purposes.  Students would be able to use them during school and would also be able to take them home.  Lourdes will be the first school in the Lincoln Diocese to have this type of technology implementation.

Father Mark Cyza, who is the principal of Lourdes, also serves on the Diocesan Technology Committee.  "When the committee was discussing which school should be the pilot school, I really thought that Lourdes could provide a lot of valuable data.  We have a strong academic tradition, and our teachers are very motivated to continue to develop their skills.  Also, we have had a cart of iPads for the last several years, so the students and many of the teachers have had experience using them in a classroom setting.  The success of this pilot program will help determine if this type of technology will be implemented in other Diocesan schools."

The school has already made improvements to prepare for the rollout.  Wireless access points were installed throughout the school during the summer.  Also, the internet bandwidth was upgraded in preparation for more traffic.  However, the physical upgrades are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of preparation.  "We are going to need a lot of professional development to ensure that our teachers are able to incorporate the technology into the different areas of the curriculum. We are also very concerned with how to keep our students safe from evil on the internet such as pornography.  A lot of planning must take place in order for this to be a success," said Father Cyza.

If everything goes according to plan, the students will receive their devices in January 2015.