History Day Winners



Congratulations History Day Students! You made it! What an accomplishment!

I’m very proud of each of you and all your efforts. This is quite an achievement and you should be honored and proud. The lessons you have learn from this project will advance with you throughout your life.


Individual Websites

1st Place – Addie DeFreece

Apollo 8 and Other Unforgettable Moments in 1968

2nd Place – Cade Lee

Apollo 13: Encounters of Problems in Space

3rd Place – Ainsley Esser

Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World

4th Place – Tanner Kochanowicz

Evolution of Training at Fort Jackson



Group Website

1st Place – James Kearney & Luke Partsch

Exploring the Varian Disaster

3rd Place – Althea Gay & Cara Goodman

Encounters of John Gorrie and His Exploration of an Ice-Making Apparatus

3rd Place – Izzie Fedoris & Ivye Meyer

A New Encounter of Dementia: Alzheimer’s


Group Performance

2nd Place – Jasmine Pineda, Heaven Rush & Paige Stones

The Encounters and Exchanges for German Jewish Passengers on the SS St. Louis



Individual Historical Paper

1st Place – Ethan Roberts

Colonel William “Billy” Michell: Exploring the Future of Warfare

2nd Place – Reagan Bassinger

The Sorrowful Journey of the Cherokee Nation

3rd Place – Will Eppert

The Prince of Blood Disease: Working for a Cure

4th Place – Colby Howard

The Manhattan Project: Exploration in the Nuclear Bomb



Individual Documentaries

1st Place – Renee Box

Frank Slide: Encountering Canada’s Deadliest Rockslide

2nd Place – Matthew Roettger

DNA Through the Eyes of Rosalind Franklin

3rd Place – Laura Stehlik

Immigrants Exchanging and Encountering at Ellis Island



Group Documentaries

1st Place – Aubrey Bando & Elaina Madison

The British Government: Exploring Ways to End the Irish Potato Famine



Individual Exhibits

2nd Place – Aaliyah Shallenberger

Anne Frank: Life in the Secret Annex

3rd Place – Ryan Roberts

The Underground Railroad: The Codes to Freedom

4th Place – Michael Bequette

Alaska’s New Owners


Group Exhibits


Blake Miller & Will Funke

The Zimmerman Telegram that Changed the Tide

6th Grade Winners Congratulations to our 6th grade winners also!