Alex Peter Receives Blanket


December 12, 2015

by Tammy Partsch

On August 31, 2015, a bicycle-car accident caused critical head trauma to Lourdes Central Catholic fourth grader Alex Peter.  Now, more than three months later and after weeks spent in the hospital and rehab, Alex is back to school full time.

His classmates recently honored Alex by presenting him with a homemade quilt.

Beginning in September, each of Alex’s classmates, under the direction of their teacher Nicole Schnitzer, designed a square for the quilt.  Drawings of footballs, baseballs, and crosses, along with phrases of “Team Alex,” were done on transfer paper.  Nancy Giles, an employee of Lourdes Central Catholic and good friend to Mrs. Schnitzer, transferred the images to fabric and pieced together the quilt.

Alex was surprised and gratified to receive the quilt during a special presentation on December 9.

“I have never seen a blanket with pictures,” said Alex.  “I like it.”


Alex with Blanket

Alex Peter holds up his new quilt.

Alex with Class and Blanket

Alex, front row center, received a quilt that was designed for him by his fourth grade classmates at Lourdes Central Catholic School.

Students with Alex

After presenting Alex with the quilt, the students came up one by one to point out their specific contributions.