Brooks Gibbs speaks at Lourdes

Brooks Gibbs spoke to Lourdes Central Catholic students on November 3, 2015.  Mr. Gibbs is an author, speaker, and social entrepreneur.   He has spoken to over 1 million students, hosted national radio/tv shows, and been featured as an expert in publications like the Huffington Post, Fox News, and the New York Times.

Brooks Gibbs

Brooks' award winning school assembly is designed for upper elementary, middle, and high schools. He spoke to the students about:

•Discerning Bullying behavior vs. Criminal Behavior

•The Law Of Reciprocity: The core reason why we are mean to others.

•Resilience: The secret to protect your feelings

•The Golden Rule: The secret to stop mean behavior

•The Golden Rule Game: The fun and easy way to understand all of the above principles.