Science Fair Winners


Students Compete in Science Fair

The Lourdes Central Catholic Middle and High School local science fair took place on February 21st at St. Mary’s Church basement.  Seventh graders and high school freshman competed in three different areas: physical science, chemical science, and life science.  The winner will go on and compete at the state level in March 23rd-25th at Nebraska City Public High School.

Seventh grade winners:

Physical Science - Maggie Funke: “Good-Bye Germs”, and Laura Box: “How PSI Affects MPG”

Chemical  Science - Libby Fulton: “H2O 4U”, and Patrick O’Neil: “Safety in Numbers”

Life Science - Dylan Paap: “Fishy Situation: Scales Tell All”


Freshman winners:

Katie O’Neil: “Radiation Emitted by Cell Phones: The Good, The Bad, and The Uncertain”

Aliya Dreiling: “Use It or Lose It”

 Science Fair