Coop Sports

 Lourdes Students Join Forces with Public School

Kylie by Kylie Allgood

BlakeA co-op program has been in place at Lourdes for many years. This agreement allows our students to participate in sports at Nebraska City Public High School. Being a small school, Lourdes doesn’t always have the number of players or facilities to offer the same programs as a larger school. The coop sports offered are: cross country, softball, wrestling, tennis, golf, baseball, and soccer. We have over thirty student athletes taking advantage of this program during the current year. Steele Giles (a cross country runner) said, “It allows us to do sports not offered by Lourdes and make friends outside of our school.”

When asked if there is a down side to this program Jake Touchstone, a junior wrestler and baseball player said,Kim “ The drive over  to the school every day.” Other students mentioned that sometimes a school activity can make you late for practice. The drawbacks are minor compared to not having the opportunity to participate in this program and having to sit out the sports that we love.

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