Roe vs. Wade

The United States Marks a Sad Anniversary

by Theresa Wenzl

Roe v WadeIn 1973 this landmark case came to court on the issue of abortion. Before Roe vs Wade, abortion was illegal.  Ramifications from the case are still very alive as we mark its 39th anniversary. 

Many people argue that you cannot tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. However, Catholics know that abortions not only terminate a life, but are dangerous and can seriously hurt the woman, both physically and mentally. The guilt of ending a baby’s life remains, and the physical effects are painful. Many women that have had an abortion regret it and are clinically depressed.  Abortions can also result in the death or disfigurement of the woman. These facts are all but ignored by abortion supporters and the main stream media.

Many people argue that the case was a step toward controlling the issue of over population. Overpopulation at this point is a myth. (Have you ever driven across Montana?) The real issue is who gets to control the world’s natural resources. The wealthy and powerful don’t like to share. We actually need more people to put in the work force and purchase consumer goods. One reason the Social Security Administration is in trouble is because there isn’t a sufficient work force to sustain the cash outflow for a large body of retiring Americans.

Abortion advocates were hoping that the pro life movement would diminish or go away completely. Much to their dismay, the movement is stronger than ever. Abortion supporters (as always) have to rely on rhetoric and misinformation to defend their position. The debate is alive and will be for generations to come.

Abortion advocates still support the myth that the fetus is not a viable life. Science has showed that the fetus’s heart starts to beat within the first weeks and it begins to develop nerves and a skeleton. It is indeed a living human and can feel pain. No amount of rhetoric or misinformation can change these facts. When a woman gets an abortion they are hurting an unborn child and themselves. This is why the pro life movement will not die.