Geography Bee

Geography Bee Has Students Buzzing

by Tyler Riley

Geography CompetitorsOne of the most challenging competitions open to our middle school students (academically, at least) is the Geography Bee. Some students practice for months in an attempt to do well. This was the first competition for 6th graders Quinten Vasa and Thomas Ragland, but has become a yearly event for 7th graders Jack Bakula, Anna Loseke, Marissa Galardi, and Hayden Miller, as well as 8th graders Nick Whitten and Caleb Riley. These students knew what to expect.

Lourdes began competing in the Geography Bee in 2000. Since then, the Middle School has reached the state level seven times. That is pretty impressive. Mrs. Thomas has a plaque that displays the finalists for each year that we have competed.

This year’s winner of the Lourdes competition is 8th grader Caleb Riley. Caleb was able to win by answering the final question:  What large island country is located off the coast of Mozambique?  If you guessed “Madagascar”, you answered correctly just as Caleb did.

After winning the Lourdes finals, Caleb took a written test to see if he was knowledgeable enough to go to state. He won’t receive the results of that test until March. If he goes on to win the state competition at UNO, he will be given the honor to represent Nebraska in Washington D.C., on May 22-24. He would also be able to meet host Alex Trebek.

We would like to thank Miss Scaperlanda, who tested the 6th grade, and Mrs. Thomas who tested 7th and 8th grade. We are glad that they are involved with this competition and work with our students to continue to achieve at such a high level.Finalists