Catholic Schools Week 2012


Students Celebrate Faith, Academics, and Service


Colin Boyle by Colin Boyle


Catholic Schools Week is a time for Catholic schools around the nation to look to their roots and celebrate the freedom to practice religion openly in school. The students and staff were pleasantly surprised by the participation and spirit from all classes and teams who participated. The high school student body was divided into twelve teams combining freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Each team chose a team name and color, and then began to prepare for the events that would ensue. As the time grew closer, it became quite evident that this year’s Catholic Schools Week would be noteworthy.            

We began the week with bowling and movies, but quickly advanced into the competition phase of the week. The team’s dress and enthusiasm as well as their ability to finish tasks and races before the other competitors earned prizes. Wigs, face paint, team shirts, and chanting summarized the energy that was present throughout the week. Teams engaged in such activities as a scavenger hunt, playing Outburst and participating in the Amazing Race.    

The competitive spirit during Wednesday’s Outburst competition was infectious to say the least. Given only a short amount of time, each team took turns trying to guess as many of the top ten answers to a topic given them on a card. Topics ranged from Michael Jackson songs to Biblical things in tens. Discerning the correct answers with a team yelling different things at once created some difficulty, but it added to the enthusiasm that had been present all week.   

 On Thursday the teams got together for a scavenger hunt. Each team was given a clue that pointed to a destination where they would have to complete a task. After completing the task, they were given a new clue and had to run to the next station. On the way, the teams had to hunt for items, certain people, as well as do stunts to earn bonus points. While flagging down joggers for a picture on any other day of the year might have created some uneasiness, it earned twenty points for the scavenger hunt.

The students were all very pleased with the scavenger hunt, but when asked which activity was their favorite, nearly every student had a different answer. By the end of the day, Blake Bequette and Jeff Lechner’s team, The Assassins, managed to out eat, blow bubbles further, and jump wider “rivers” than the rest of the pack. They captured the honor of first place and an off-site lunch.           

The final day of competition comprised of timed tasks such as stacking apples, solving a Sudoku, and emptying a box of tissues on the run. All the teams gave a valiant effort, but the Reed Lechner and Will Giittinger’s Penguins came out seconds ahead.

The atmosphere during catholic schools week was something for everyone to be proud of. We congratulate all the students for their outstanding efforts, and thank the staff for arranging a wonderful week. Most importantly, we thank our teachers and parents for making Catholic school possible.

Catholic Schools Week 2012