2011 Holiday Dance

Students Enjoy 2011 Holiday Dance

The holiday season has finally come, and with that comes the annual holiday dance. This years dance took place on December tenth at the Avenue Grill in Nebraska City. The dance was sponsored by Lourdes Central Catholic Sophomore class. Senior John Austin describes the dance as “pretty solid”, and junior Katelyn Harmel used the word “fantastic” to describe this years dance.

The holiday dance was held for all grades (9th-12th). The theme for this years dance was A Winter Wonderland. Music was played by a DJ from eight o’clock to eleven o’clock and professional pictures were taken by Pargett Photography for the couples starting at seven o’clock.

When asked about the dance, sophomore Taylor Bequette said her date (Jameson DeFreece) was “the best dancer there”.

 Holiday DanceHoliday Dance