A Bright Future at Lourdes

New Construction at Lourdes

By Joe Allen

A new school year has begun which means new friends, new teachers, new sports seasons and a school construction project! It will include a new gym, auditorium, locker rooms, band area and more. It will be located to the south and  west of the present building, taking up what used to be an access street and houses.           

CADThe new addition is badly needed in order to upgrade the existing infrastructure and add more space. Also, having two gyms will allow the boys and girls basketball teams to practice at the same time. This means students will not have to stay until eight o’clock because of late practice sessions.

An informal survey taken of twenty Lourdes High School students showed that forty percent of the students are more excited about the new gym, and thirty percent were excited about the new auditorium.Demolition

Unfortunately for some high school students, the new addition will come too late. Everyone agrees that we will be happy to walk around the block and skirt the fencing while going to Mass and lunch. We will gladly bear up to walking in the mud that has been stirred up by the construction knowing that soon, we will have a new and improved facility.