Perfect Score

Perfection: The Colby McGinley Story

By Dane Carlson

Dane Carlson congratulates Colby McGinleyOne of our seniors has been awarded a very prestigious honor. Senior Colby McGinley was elected for a Nation Merit scholarship after completing the PSAT last year and scoring in the top 99% of those tested. He is one of only 16,000 finalists out of over 1.5 million students who participated. Colby said “It was a great honor to be nominated.” Colby is in the process of applying for the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. If nominated, Colby will have an excellent chance of acceptance due to his perfect ACT score. If he is indeed accepted, he will not need the scholarship and would like it to go to a student that would use it.  His words of advice to other students, “Start at a young age, be devoted to your studies and don’t worry about your ACT score -- that will come. The more you worry, the more likely you are to do poorly.”