New Auto-CAD Class at Lourdes

New CAD Class at Lourdes

By Colin Boyle

This year has brought a lot of new changes: new school plans, new teachers, new students, and new classes. One of these new classes is Computer Aided Drafting or architecture. This year’s Auto-CAD class is the first of what could soon be a very important electoral class heCADre at Lourdes. The Auto-CAD students have experienced what it takes to follow project guidelines and the design process in real world architecture and drafting. The class has brought together beautiful and creative designs for schools, bike rental shops, green cabins, ski and hunting lodges, and middle class houses. Colby McGinley said, “It is very eye opening to see all the planning that goes into designing even the simplest things.” Most students in the class would agree with this statement. Every aspect of design is important, from the types of walls to the positioning of sinks. 
The final project of the semester gave the students freedom to create whatever type of building they wanted, but it had to be able to serve the community. The students were given several cities in which they theoretically able to build. Within these parameters, they were to search for a place in their  using Google Maps and create their buildings limited by the topography of the area. The auto-CAD class is a great addition to the elective classes; especially for students who are seeking to enter the fields architecture and  design.