Foreign Exchange Students

Exchange Students Enrich Lourdes School

By Colin Boyle

This year, Lourdes plays host to two foreign exchange students. Ignacio Rodriguez is joining us from Madrid, Spain and Alessandro Altruda from Naples, Italy. Both students hope to acquire a greater fluency in English and are looking forward to a participating in American sports. Though the small town atmosphere will be a huge change for our foreign exchange students they are both excited to be able to partake in this experience.

The food in America is the biggest change for our new students who are not accustomed to the diverse options. As Ignacio put it, “It’s just better.” Alessandro said, “Everything is different, but I have found that the teachers at Lourdes are very helpful.”Alessandro


Many would think coming to a small town would not be ideal, but it helps make the experience that much better and more personal. Their time spent in America will not only provide them with a window into a different culture, but also allows the Lourdes community to learn about their home countries throughout the year.