Academic Decathlon 2011-2012

Academic Decathlon Ready for More

By Steele Giles

This year’s Academic Decathlon topic is the Age of the Empire, and the team has hit the ground running. Coach Diane Harris has high hopes for this year’s candidates, referring to our “perfect storm” conditions once again. She also said, “We learned our lesson from last year—this can be done, with enough effort.”

State Academic DecathlonThe Decathlon competitions get off to a somewhat slow start each year, with scrimmages in November and December. These do not offer the full range of topics, but provide valuable practice and experience for first-timers. Afterward, it quickly accelerates. The regional competition, located on the Wesleyan University campus, pits the team against other area teams such as Johnson County Central. In February, the two-day state competition begins. Set on the campus of Creighton University in Omaha, it pits all of the Decathlon teams against each other for the title of all-class champion.

                Our Decathlon coaches are leaning on the students to do better than ever before, and they will need to in order to beat out Creighton Prep and Omaha Burke for the all-class champion. Should we (and Mrs. Harris assures us that we will) achieve that goal, the team will move on to the national competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico in April. There, Mrs. Harris assures us that we can obtain victory at the final level: Champions of the United States Academic Decathlon, which will be awesome!