High School Student Council

Student Council is a student-led organization that emphasizes leadership and community. Last year’s members planned the homecoming week activities and organized the food pantry donations. Last year’s highlight activity was cooperating with the middle school student council to travel to the Open Door Mission at Christmas time to help pack gifts and supplies for those in need. This year’s members hope to spend more time in the community and take on a stronger leadership role at Lourdes.


2017-2018 Members: President – James Mason Vice President – Jack Funke Seniors: Ben Miler, Carlos Serna, and Halli Whitten Juniors: Logan Bakula, Chloe Dubois, Karinne Olson, and Cristian Watkins Sophomores: Renee Box, Addison Defreece, Luke Partsch, and Ethan Roberts Freshman: Emma Heng, Karlie Olson, Olivia Weninger, and Kameron Monahan

2018-2019 Members: President – Chloe DuBois Vice President – Karinne Olson Seniors: Logan Bakula Juniors: Luke Partsch, Renee Box, Elaina Madison, Cathy Shawhan, and Audrey Bando Sophomores: Olivia Weninger, Karlie Olson, and Emma Heng Freshman: Will Funke, Ruby Bruggeman, Katie Dia, Gaby Chance, Vivian Gay, and Reed Gregor

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