Lourdes Central Catholic School

2018-2019 Tuition Program

All fees are included in the tuition outlined below (i.e. book and tech fees, iPad deposit, activity fees, and diocesan student fee). Families are no longer required to donate to the Keeping Our Tuition Affordable (KOTA) and the Incentive Pay (IPF) funds, LEPTO dues or LAA Activity fees.

*All students pay the Catholic rate. Students in Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten do not qualify for family discounts, but they do qualify for tuition assistance.

†Tithing is expected of Catholic families to the supporting parishes; therefore, because non-Catholic families do not support one of the parishes they are asked to absorb a greater amount of tuition costs.

Tuition Schedule

Tuition Assistance Programs and Required Qualifications

It is the philosophy of Lourdes Central Catholic School to keep our school accessible, affordable and available to all families.

It is our goal to provide support to all students who truly desire a Catholic education and are willing to make a relevant financial commitment as a family based on their current financial situation.

The Grace Fund

  • The parents are willing to make a commitment to fund their student(s) tuition based on need and keep current their commitment.
  • The student(s) are currently and continue to remain a “student in good standing” at Lourdes.
  • Tuition Assistance Application and required financial documentation are received on or before March 19, 2018.
  • A 2016 Federal 1040 form is required as part of the necessary documentation.
  • After receiving a tuition assistance grant amount, families can appeal to the school president within 10 days of receiving tuition assistance grant letter.

The Guardian Angel Fund (St. Benedict’s Parishioners Only)

  • The parents are willing to make a proportional gift of time talent and treasure to   St. Benedict’s Parish.
  • The parents will meet with the pastor providing all requested data in regards to their current financial status.
  • The pastor has final approval of the tuition assistance granted each family and informs Lourdes of the amount.
  • The student is currently enrolled and remains enrolled as long as the student is in good standing at Lourdes.

Payment/Billing Process

All families will be required to make payments via automatic withdrawal from their bank account unless payment is made in full at the beginning of the year or in two payments one each at the beginning of each semester.  

A $100 non-refundable per family deposit is required at the time of registration.

Late payments will be assessed a fee of 1/5% on the outstanding balance. In addition, in accordance with the enrollment contract, the expectation is that tuition payments do not exceed two months in arrears or Lourdes may exercise the unpleasant right of dismissing the student until tuition payment is brought up to date.


  • Tuition payments made in a lump sum annually or semi-annually must be paid by September 1st (and January 1st for semi-annual payments).
  • Payments made monthly will be deducted via automatic withdrawal beginning July 10th for 12-month payment plan or September 10th for 10-month payment plan.

Should a monthly automatic withdrawal fail the following will take place.

  • Tuition payments due September 1st, October 1st, and November 1st must be received in the form of a cash payment by Thanksgiving in order for the student to attend after Thanksgiving Break.
  • Tuition payments due December 1st and January 1st must be received in the form of a cash payment by Spring Break in order for the student to attend after Spring Break (Easter).
  • Tuition payments due February 1st and March 1st must be received in the form of a cash payment by the last day of school year in order for the student to receive his/her report card/transcript.
  • No cumulative school records will be released to another school/college or university without written permission from parents/legal guardian and full payment of all financial obligations.

Note: President will meet with parents who have tuition assistance needs from past years to grandfather them into the new Tuition Assistance program.

Please contact Heather Bakula, Business Manager, for more information regarding tuition.